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Upholstery cleaning in and around Southampton

The love has gone

You hoped it would be forever, but something's changed. It's just a dirty, worn, drab-shadow of its former self. 

It's not you, it's your sofa. It's changed, and you desperately want it back. 

But is it too late?

No. Our expert upholstery cleaning service can help.

Eco-friendly & safe cleaning

Have a
healthy home

100% satisfaction

Carpet cleaning.

Excellent service from the start, very polite, just sot on with the work, no fuss, most helpful and gave good advice. I would recommend this company.

, Winchester

Spruce up your sofa

Now, imagine sitting in your familiar bum-groove. Put your feet up. Soak it all in. Savour the delicate fresh scent. The colours and pattern that pop, vivid once more. Feel the pure, soft velvety-fabric cool against your cheek. 

Oh spotless crisp upholstery!

Hello, old flame.

Want to rekindle this passion for your sofa? You can with our professional and eco-friendly upholstery cleaning service. Here's how.

Clean away spots and stains

We’ll brighten muted colours and faded patterns by cleaning dust, dirt, grime, pet hair and grit from deep within the fabric. We’ll erase dark smudges from resting heads, arms and hands. We can remove most discoloured spots from red wine, tea and coffee spills, food slops, chocolate fingerprints and muddy paws. Musty odours be gone!

We’ll breathe new life into your sad sofa, dank dining chairs and other fixed upholstery, so you'll love them again.

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And they won’t just look and smell divine, they’ll be free of unwelcome squatters too. More on them below...

Fight stains between cleans

You can also choose to have a stain protection treatment professionally applied. This adds an undetectable protective layer over your carpets, rugs, sofa or other upholstery to stop future stains seeping into the fabric.

How stain protection treatment can keep your upholstery looking great

Carpet cleaning

Work completed and pleased with service

, Southampton

Allergen control for a healthy home

If you took a microscopic look at your sofa, you’d see dust mites. They’d be feasting on your dead skin cells. The places we regularly sit or lie are their perfect partying and breeding spots.

Bad news for dust mite allergy sufferers.

Your fabric sofa and upholstery can also trap allergens from your pets causing discomfort to your family and visitors. Vacuuming, even with special HEPA filters, can’t collect all the allergens and dust mites so you get a build-up over time.

Our professional and eco-friendly clean will give your sofa, armchairs and other upholstered furniture a deep-down clean to remove these allergens, killing any dust mites that may remain. This helps to control the allergen levels in your home to keep allergy sufferers happy and healthy.

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Fight stains between cleans

You can also choose to have a stain protection treatment professionally applied. This adds an undetectable protective layer over your carpets, rugs, sofa or other upholstery to stop future stains seeping into the fabric.

How stain protection treatment can keep your upholstery looking great

Age defying properties

Frequent cleaning means you’ll get to enjoy your faithful sofa for many years to come. If you care for it as you would a pair of favourite jeans, you can't go far wrong. Regular cleaning makes for effective removal of lodged dirt, abrasive grits, odours, oils and stains so the fabric ages well and you get plenty use out of them. They won't look worn and tired before their time.

So regular cleaning saves your pocket too.

How often then, does your fabric sofa need some good clean-loving?

A busy sofa that cradles your family and pets on a daily basis could do with a spruce up every 12 months (for hygiene reasons as well as cosmetic revival). Less used upholstered furniture can go longer.

We can remind you when your next clean is due.

Trusted hands

Maybe you want to save money and do it yourself. Maybe your hard work will give some improvement. But it could backfire.

Botched cleaning jobs by penny-pinchers at best redistribute dirt and leave stains and marks intact. At worst they damage the upholstered fabric or cause unsightly colour run or discolouration. So save embarrassment, time and money in the long run by using our experience and expertise.

We know and understand fabrics, we know how to best clean them. We’ll assess your fabrics and choose a cleaning method that will respect them. And give brilliant results. If you want  brighter whites, crisper patterns and colours more vibrant again, then give us a call.

Our customers are pleasantly surprised at the results and relieved they chose upholstery cleaning.

It’s at a fraction of the cost of a new sofa.

Get your a cleaning quotation for your upholstery today. Quotes are free!

Carpet cleaning.

Excellent and efficient.

, Southampton

You get a 100% satisfaction guarantee

To show you how confident we are that our professional clean is the best, we offer you a simple promise.

A no quibble, 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee.

It works like this. 

  1. First, we'll assess your upholstery and fabrics before we start work.We can remove most stains and marks. But if any are too old or stubborn to budge, we'll let you know. Then, with your say-so we'll do the work.
  2. If we don’t do what we say we will, we’ll return to put it right. 
  3. If we can’t, then your clean is free. 

How we promise you total satisfaction

We've looked at all areas of our business to ensure you not only get the best clean possible, but you get excellent customer service too. This is why we're proud of our Checkatrade score and customer comments.

This is how we can promise you total satisfaction.

Upholstery cleaning and stain protection

Excellent service, prompt response to enquiry and work completed without delay. Very satisfied customer.

, Winchester

Qualified technicians

All of our technicians have met the high standards set by a qualified NCCA trainer. We will recommend the correct cleaning method for your upholstery and do a great job. We love your sofa, armchair or chaise longue like it’s our own. With our years of expertise, we’ll give you the results needed to get it looking great again. We treat you and your home with thoughtful respect, so we're also fully insured to safeguard your belongings.

Best quality

Great upholstery cleaning not only demands experience and knowledge, but the correct cleaning equipment and a great deal of care. So we are skilled in many techniques; be it hot water extraction, low moisture cleaning or dry cleaning. We always test for colourfastness, shrinkage and pile damage before cleaning. We use the best cleaning solutions with excellent cleaning power that won’t leave a dirt-attracting, sticky residue. We use the most advanced, highest spec cleaning systems to give you a super clean sofa and dry in the shortest possible time.


We are kind and respectful to your home and to our world. So we use the most advanced solutions that are eco-friendly. There’s no harm to the environment in the production or disposal of the products. They are biodegradable and non-toxic too and because they are hypoallergenic, they are kind to your home too; safe for your children and pets.


We are punctual and polite, considerate and respectful.  Point us in the right direction and you can confidently leave us to do a great job.

  • We’ll work safely around your home and we’ll move furniture ourselves if needed, replacing it once done
  • Our equipment is portable so we can move around your home easily
  • Often your upholstery is dry and can be used immediately after cleaning. We'll let you know when you'll be able to use it again.

Upholstery cleaning quotes are free

Get in touch for your free cleaning quotation today. We can give indicative costs over the phone, but it's best to organise a free home visit so we can discuss with you the most appropriate cleaning approach and give the most accurate cost. Your quote is no obligation.

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What our customers say about us

We are proud of the glowing reviews left by our customers. We work very hard to earn them.

We hope you like what you hear. 

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Cleaning king back chairs (2)

Could not have been better!

, Southampton

3 seat sofa, rug, carpet, curtains cleaned

Work carried out efficiently and confidentially with cheer.

, Southampton

Carpets x 4 rooms, upholstery x 2 sofas

Very pleased, sofas look like new and cream carpets better than thought possible.

, Southampton

Cleaned all the carpets in the bungalow

I've managed some the finest hotels around the world where detail and standards were paramount. Chris came highly recommended to me and surpassed my expectations which were high. I've since had to semi-retire from my past life in catering due to ill health. I have to avoid stress like the plague and very much liked the way that Chris gave me the time of day, was patient, kind, thoughtful and caring. There aren't many of us left and I have to say that he offers service with a smile - both with a capital "S"! What's more Chris has a cheerful disposition and clearly enjoys what he does!

, Southampton

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