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What your rugs say about you

We love rugs. On the one hand they are practical. They insulate your home, giving you warmth when it’s cold and muffling noise to keep it peaceful. On the other hand they say a lot about your personality and style. They can be understated or bold, colourful, patterned, sumptuous, functional, elegant or fun. You'd love them to stay just like new.

So, because  your rugs can’t escape the hustle and bustle of your busy home, we're on hand to help.

Eco-friendly & safe cleaning

Have a
healthy home

100% satisfaction

Cleaned two Marks and Spencer sofas

An excellent job. Sofas nice and clean! Thoroughly recommended. 

, Basingstoke

Obliterate spots and stains

You'll see light spots left by successful mop ups, and stains where they failed. Or perhaps your hallway runner looks grubby, your hearth rug black and scruffy. You've tried vacuuming, but they still look dreadful. They really get on your nerves but you just haven't got round to getting them cleaned.

Until now. Our professional and eco-friendly rug cleaning service is just the job.

Our powerful clean reaches deep-down into the fibres and removes the most stubborn dirt and filth-attracting grime. We’ll treat stains so you won't know where that red wine spill even was, or the grubby little fingerprints, pet pee spots or any other unidentified blot. We’ll clean life back into fringes and leave you savouring the delicious, satisfyingly-clean smell.

And it’s good to know that by regularly cleaning to remove in-ground grit, you’ll prolong the life of your rug too. Less grit slows the roughening wear of the fibres which causes your rug to look dull and tired before its time.

Fight stains between cleans

You can also choose to have a stain protection treatment professionally applied. This adds an undetectable protective layer over your carpets, rugs, sofa or other upholstery to stop stains seeping into the fabric and making your rugs last years longer.

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Trusted expertise

Rugs today come in many different fibres and are made in many different ways. Rugs of yesterday can be rare, fragile and very valuable antiques. And they need different cleaning techniques that respect and care for them. So, if you are considering a DIY clean, please only do so if you can honestly afford to replace your rug.

There's a lot that can go wrong if you don't have the right equipment, knowledge and experience. You could even end up irreversibly damaging your rug.

We’ll treat your rug with the same care and attention as when it was loomed. Firstly we thoroughly assess your rug, and because we're skilled in several different cleaning methods, we can choose the most caring cleaning approach. We can ensure there’s no shrinkage, colour run, fading or pile damage, and still achieve the best clean possible. 

We have worked our magic on contemporary and antique rugs. Oriental, Persian, Indian, Turkish, Egyptian, Sisal or Shaggy. Just sit back and relax while we work, confident your rug is in safe hands.

Have a healthy home

Our professional rug cleaning won't just make your rugs look and smell divine. It will also keep the air in your home healthy and our protective +Allergyshield treatment will help the fight against dust mites.

Get help with allergies

How we promise you total satisfaction

We've looked at all aspects of our business to ensure you not only get the best clean possible, but you get excellent customer service too.

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100% satisfaction guarantee

To give you peace of mind you get a no quibble 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means if we don’t do what we say we will, we’ll return to put it right. If we can’t then your clean is free.

Eco-friendly & safe cleaning
Qualified, caring technicians
Best quality cleaning system
Hassle-free service and quick drying times

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Upholstery and rug cleaning.

Carpet and upholstery like new. Excellent service, great attitude, highly recommend

, Southampton

Upholstery cleaning.

This is the second time Chris has cleaned my three piece suite. He was flexible when choosing an acceptable date with the option to change it to an earlier one if a cancellation became available. He is honest and trustworthy and gave clear advice on what to expect when he had finished (the suite has seen better days). His work is exceptional and he always does the job with the minimum of disruption. I would recommend him without reservation.

, Southampton

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